33. Halloween Extravaganza, Costume in Film: The Witch, The Craft & Hocus Pocus

Happy Halloween! This is our annual Halloween Extravaganza episode, and this year, it is extravagant. Jasmine, Dana and Joy discuss the costuming and historical context for three of their favorite Witchy Halloween movies: The Witch (2015), The Craft (1996) and Hocus Pocus (1993)! While all the movies star witches, they are very different types of witches in very different time periods and their costumes reflect that. The discussions ended up being very in-depth, here are the timestamps for each film: The Witch 7:45, The Craft: 56:00, Hocus Pocus 1:24:00.

Fashion A-Z:

Doublet: Period 14th century - 1670s. Worn in France in the 14th century but was not a part of general English wear until the 15th century.Think Henry VIII  It was padded jacket worn next to a a shirt; close-fitting and waisted but not belted unless worn without an overgarment. It could be worn with or without detachable sleeves. Doublet skirts varied from none to very narrow coverun the hips. In the late 15th & 16th centuries the front was widely open, requiring a stomacher or a partlet a stiffened decorative front insert. In the 17th century doublets became looser and the skirts had varying tabs. The Dictionary of Fashion History By Valerie Cummings, C. W. Cunnington, P. E. Cunnington


The Witch:
Dressing The Witch: An Interview with Costume Designer Linda Muir by Sam Ankenbauer


The Craft: 

Interview with the Costume Designer, Deborah Everton

Influences in the costume: lesbianism, punk, postmodern pastiche

Oral History of the Craft

Hocus Pocus: 

Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit on August 19, 2011

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