35. Royal Vintage Shoes: Interview with Lauren Stowell

Royal Vintage Shoes was founded in 2015 by Lauren Stowell and Abby Cox and produces on vintage style shoes inspired by the 1920s, 30s, & 40s. In this episode, Jasmine talks to Lauren Stowell, about the brand and how they re-create classic shoes from the past for the 21st century costumer. 

Fashion A-Z Term:

Shank: Not it’s not a makeshift knife in this case. It is actually, the narrow middle of the sole of a shoe. Designed to support the arch and provide stability, the shank is typically made from a thin strip of steel or polycarbonate and placed between the outsole and midsole. 

Outsole: Typically made of polyurethane or rubber, the outsole rests on the bottom of the shoe's sole and is exposed to the most wear and tear.

Midsole: The thin layer of material between the outsole and insole, designed to absorb shock and ease the walking motion. https://www.clarksusa.com/us/about-clarks/glossary-of-terms

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