46. Fashion Under Fascism: Part III

Welcome to the third and final part of our Fashion Under Fascism series. In this episode, Dana tells us about the aesthetics of fascism. Joy covers the rise of ready-to-wear market during WWII and the revival of haute couture. Finally we close this series by discussing the exhibition Stitching Histories From the Holocaust, which will reopen at The Jewish Museum Milwaukee on April 8th.

Check out The Jewish Museum Milwaukee to learn more about Stitching Histories From the Holocaust

Our own Joy Davis is embarking on a new journey as the Director and curator of Waller Gallery. Waller Gallery is pleased to present its first show featuring Nia Hampton’s first solo exhibition. Entitled Drapetomania the exhibition is an expansive documentation of the artist’s photography within Afro-Latino communities.

Drapetomania was once a medical diagnosis used to explain why enslaved Africans ran away from the plantation. This was a racist and fabricated diagnosis of the human imperative to flee servitude. In her first solo exhibition, Nia Hampton shows the results of her own bout of “drapetomania” after graduating college and moving to Brazil. She captured the following on her journey through South America: environmental racism, African spiritual practices, femicide, black Brazilian feminism, haircut culture, and love. The exhibition opens in Baltimore, Md, Friday, April 13th at 6pm. 

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Image: Exhibition detail from Stitching Histories From the Holocaust, The Jewish Museum Milwaukee.

Dana Goodin