48. Fashion in Focus: Tuno Bark Cloth

Welcome to Unravel's new minisode series: Fashion in Focus. Each FIF will detail the brief history of a garment, accessory or textile. In this FIF Jasmine talks about her research on Afro-descendant and indigenous dress in the Mosquito (Miskito) coast of Nicaragua and discusses the history of tuno (tunu) bark cloth. 

Tuno cloth is a bark cloth that is made by Miskito and the Mayangna indigenous groups in the Mosquito coast of Nicaragua a territory which extends from the eastern coast of Nicaragua and to the southern part of Honduras.

Image: Display of contemporary ensembles made from tuno cloth. Courtesy of CDAPI Facebook.


Castro-Frenzel,Arturo and José Mejía Lacayo, "La tela de tuno," Revista de Temas Nicaragüenses, 43: 4-14, Noviembre 2011, 7.

Conzemius, Eduard. Ethnographical survey of the Miskito and Sumu Indians of Honduras and Nicaragua. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, 1932. 


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