56. Sh*t Ton of Gold: Heavenly Bodies & Golden Kingdoms Roundtable

Dana, Jasmine and Joy come together in this episode to talk about two exhibitions that are currently at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination is the Costume Institute’s annual blockbuster fashion exhibition, curated by Andrew Bolton on view until October 8th. Golden Kingdoms Luxury & Legacy in the Ancient Americas is an exhibition on pre-Colombian Central and South America Art, on view until May 28th.

Robin Givhan, "‘Heavenly Bodies’ at the Met shows just how much fashion and Catholicism have in common," Washington Post
Kristi Upson-Saia, "Early Christians Would Have Found the Met Gala Gaudy," Hyperallergic

Image: Top: Detail of installation view of "Heavenly Bodies," bottom: Detail of Octopus Frontlet, A.D. 300–600. Peru, Moche (La Mina). Museo de la Nación, Lima, Ministerio de Cultura del Perú (MN-14602). All images below are from the Met's website. 

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