Fashion Fix 005: Welcome Back

Doctor Who_S11_Costume Reveal.jpg

After a two month hiatus its time to dust off the cobwebs and bring you more links you can take a bite out of...

  1. As you all should know by now: The Costume Institute's Spring exhibition has been announced. The exhibition is called Heavenly Bodies and we have so many ideas for a podcast to highlight why fashion history needs to have more conversations about religion and dress. (Dezeen)
  2. A lot of people reached out to us about the article on Business of Fashion, or BOF. They do not mention Unravel Podcast or Pop Fashion. They overlook us to discuss more mainstream opinion on fashion and the industry as a whole. That is a shame because we have been a fan of BOF since its infancy. So we thought we would leave the link here and provide an opportunity for you to send the comments about our work. (BOF)
  3. At Unravel Headquarters we have never considered that fashion hasn't had an impact. In fact, fashion is one of the more powerful engines supporting capitalism, while a western concept, has permeated globally. Disclosure, this is a sponsored article. (Guardian)
  4. Did you know that the newest Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, is a postmodernist embodiment of all Doctor's that have come before her? Writer Joanna Robinson dissects the wardrobe of each doctor. (Vanity Fair)
  5. Modest fashion is here to stay and the New York Times seems to be into it. Will the sack dresses make a return? (New York Times)
Joy Davis